The Carousel of Possible Dreams Posted on 21 Oct 20:20

On November 12th, Autism Hope Alliance will participate in The Carousel of Possible Dreams at Disneyland Resort to help our organization raise funds for our Possible Dream.

Our Dream: To raise $25K to help support our Autism Pantry Program which introduces families to special foods, supplements, books, cleaners, toys and other crucial supplies. All from the Natural Products companies and the Autism community who donate them for families through conferences AHA attends. AHA also has dreams of a new database program so we can better communicate and offer more resources to families.

Kristin has taken on the challenge to collect pledges for going around on the King Arthur Carrousel 50 times and help the AHA team raise critical resources for this important cause.

 With your support, our team can do it!

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Autism Education Summit Posted on 25 Aug 12:22

I (Scott) will be attending the 2nd Annual Autism Education Summit presented by Generation Rescue on September 26 & 27. I'll have PERC coupons to hand out, so if you see me please say hi! 

This 2nd Annual Autism Education Summit for parents, professional and caregivers showcases how implementing a holistic approach and treating the whole individual can ease the medical conditions and behavioral symptoms common in children, adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Over the three days, summit attendees will have the opportunity to investigate: 

  • Practical guidance on how to manage the components of autism from medical treatments to behavioral therapies to long term care of adults
  • Current treatment options available for autism medical conditions specific to your situation
  • Recent developments on medical conditions associated with autism

Register now so you don't miss the event! The 2nd Annual Autism Education Summit is September 25 - 27 at the Intercontinental in Dallas, TX. 

Autism Hope Alliance Partnership Posted on 24 Jun 16:08

PERC is happy to announce its partnership with the Autism Hope Alliance. Through Autism Hope Alliance, PERC is offering giveaways and coupons at conferences and lectures which the President, Kristin Selby Gonzalez, speaks at.  

PERC has partnered with Autism Hope Alliance because it is a powerful tool for parents of children with autism. Parents of children with autism experience levels of chronic stress similar to that of combat soldiers. They are also twice as likely to be tired and three times as likely to experience a stressful event on any given day compared to parents of children without autism. PERC is designed to help the body manage common stressors that lead to fatigue, unlike classic stimulants that try to power through stressors. PERC uses a blend of amino acids and herbal extracts to improve the body’s response to physical, emotional and biological stressors.

The Autism Hope Alliance embodies hope for families facing the diagnosis of Autism through education, financial support and volunteerism. The Autism Hope Alliance is the first non-profit foundation for autism to emerge from the natural foods industry.
Recent Successes by the Autism Hope Alliance
  • Through collaboration with the top experts in Autism, AHA wrote and produced the “Autism: What the Experts Know” resource booklet. We are proud that through grant funding, we are able to distribute thousands of booklets to families for free across the country.
  • Over $140K have been given in scholarships to families to attend a parent training program at the Autism Treatment Center of America
  • Sponsor of the Autism Grass Roots Tour, which traveled to 26 states, giving free lectures to over 4,000 families
  • Our partners provided approx. over $200k in retail product to give away to families
  • Spearheaded the AHA Hero® program, which supports “parents teaching parents” with specially designed lectures offered free in health food markets
  • Created the Autism Approved® program, which is designed to highlight numerous products, materials, clothing, toys and other goods that meet a strict criteria to be deemed Autism community friendly

Exercise Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea Posted on 11 May 15:49


Rhodiola rosea Benefits List Grows! Posted on 05 May 11:18

A new report in Phytomedicine details Rhodiola rosea's potential for antidepressant benefits. Read more at

PERC Fast Facts Posted on 16 Jan 10:49

Fast Facts

  • Not a stimulant
  • Sugar free
  • No caffeine
  • No crash or rebound
  • Ingredients in PERC have been shown in clinical studies to improve exercise performance, mood, mental focus and sleep patterns
  • Research has also demonstrated improved mental performance and less errors when used by physicians on night duty
  • You can maximize your benefits with continued use
  • Studies have shown ingredients in PERC can improve energy and performance (physically and mentally)
  • Studies have shown ingredients in PERC can improve attention/focus and cognition
  • Contains anti-oxidants that help protect the body from oxidative stress and free radical damage
  • PERC is an easy to swallow capsule with no adverse taste